Huge volumes of plastic waste were found during a single-day clean-up in the Russian Arctic.

A large plastic pollution clean-up has seen 15 tonnes of plastic waste collected off the coast of the Russian Arctic Ocean in a single day.

The shocking discovery was made along the coast of Murmansk in northeast Russia, which was previously considered one of the planet’s most pristine stretches of water. A new organization, The Slava Foundation, has been created to lead a new international effort to raise awareness of the impact of manmade pollution in the Russian Arctic.

The clean-up, which was carried out by 500 local residents, volunteers and UN Environment, took place in the waters around off Murmansk, a port city that is the largest inhabited settlement inside the Arctic Circle, with a population of 300,000 residents.

The findings add to the mounting evidence of the impact of manmade pollution in previously untouched parts of the globe. A recent expedition – led by academics from Exeter University in the United Kingdom, with support from colleagues in the United States, Norway and Hong Kong – recently found polystyrene chunks in ice floes just 1,000 miles from the North Pole.

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