WDC are delighted to be working with BRITA on #NotWhaleFood to help raise awareness of the positive steps we can all take to help tackle the problem of single use plastic – which poses a real danger to whales and dolphins.

BRITA has a strong commitment to sustainable business, with more than 50 years’ experience of providing a convenient and environmentally sustainable source of filtered water to customers at home and on the go. BRITA’s Fill&Go water bottles are designed with reducing the use of disposable products like single-use plastic bottles in mind. WDC are proud to work with a brand that is so passionate about the important issues of reducing single-use plastic waste, protecting the marine environment and minimising the problem of litter.

Here in the UK every household uses an average of 480 single use plastic bottles every year. Ditching the single-use plastic and switching to a refillable water bottle is a simple step we can all take and one which would have a huge positive impact on the amount of plastic entering our oceans every day.

BRITA’s Fill&Go Vital bottles look great and are an eco-friendly and cost-efficient alternative to buying bottled water, costing just a few pence per litre for freshly filtered water. They filter the water as you drink to reduce chlorine (but making sure to keep in all of the key minerals!) and each MicroDisc filters around 150 litres of water. There are even a range of colours to choose from; lime, pink, purple and blue.

Go refillable now! 

Prefer a squeezy sports-type bottle? Then BRITA’s Fill&Go Active bottle is the one for you!